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COVID-19 Quarantine and Isolation Monitoring Applications

new disposable quarantine bluetooth optical anti-tamper wristband

Quarantine Wristband Quarantine Monitor APP
quarantine wristband

April 27, 2021, REFINE released its first BLE anti-tamper quarantine wristband or bracelet for home quarantine and isolation monitoring. Based on CO-EYE i-Bracelet state-of-the-art criminal justice electronic bracelet, new quarantine wristband is designed for patient comfort and reliability. The devices are easy to wear with ergonomic form factor design, hypoallergenic materials and convenient operations.

  • Work with any quarantine APPs to provide criminal justice level protection by reliable and secure optical fibre anti-tamper, NOT those quarantine tracking tag with medical wristband.
  • Waterproof for bath or swimming, 0.7oz lightweight as fitness band.
  • Plug-and-click rapid installation without tools,1-year battery life.
  • Support disposable usage with ultra low-cost solution.
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ankle monitor

REFINE has built powerful offender tracking solutions for law-enforcement use cases in past 10 years. Leveraging the same engineering teams and core technical capabilities, we can deliver quarantine and isolation monitoring solution rapidly. Based on CO-EYE offender CheckPoint APP, the quarantine monitoring APPs in smartphone support our new disposable bluetooth anti-tamper bracelet to monitor quarantine patients. Main features including:

  • GPS, LBS and Wi-Fi location tracking.
  • 2-way communication via cellular or Wi-Fi.
  • Geo-fencing, scheduling, SMS and in-APP notifications
  • Voice identification in-put and camera snapshot of documents.
  • Biometric and RF tether ID verification options.
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CO-EYE Solutions

Continuous offender electronic monitoring for Law enforcement agencies

CO-EYE Electronic Monitoring Products

Ultra-high security and reliability powered by innovation-driven technologies

CO-EYE Electronic Monitoring Software

Monitoring Software Monitoring Mobile APP
monitoring software

CO-EYE monitoring software is a visualization platform for non-custodial supervision integrated with WEB GIS. Supports seamless integration of GPS ankle monitor, house arrest RF ankle bracelet, electronic ankle monitoring terminals, offender checkpoint APP; provide multiple automated supervision capabilities such as daily supervision, real-time alarm, tracking and tracing, history records, data reports and risk analytics; built-in mobile phone text messages and APP message push dual Timely warning notifications, providing timeline-based management of the traces of person-to-person full-cycle digital supervision work; ideal for multiple law enforcement applications such as house arrest, parole, probation, bail, furlough and etc.

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monitoring mobile app

CO-EYE monitoring mobile APP offers convienently and secure supervisions through operator's smartphones anytime and anywhere, including daily supervision of GIS, status monitoring, real-time alarm notification, alarm handling, and two-way information interaction. Mobile monitoring APP includes iOS version and Android version, supporting mainstream Apple and Android smart phones on the market.

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The Future of Community Offender Monitoring

Hierarchical supervison of offenders for probation, parole, pretrial and house arrest

Smartphone Monitoring CO-EYE Matrix
防疫隔离追踪 电子手环

Smartphone monitoring for community supervision is becoming more popular due to two major factors. Firstly, smartphones are powerful handheld computers that also provide cellular communications. The second factor is ubiquity as most people now own and are familiar with smartphones. There are three ways to link smartphone with individual:

  • Periodic confirmation with biometric (facial, voice). Due to the requirement for active participation of the offender, not available during sleep hours,and biometirc info are easy to be faked. This approach is not good for supervision.
  • Continuous confirmation with a secure, body-worn tether linked via radio frequency, with the smartphone. This provides a much higher level of confidence for supervison.
  • Hybrid approach offers multiple layers of confirmation, for example a tether combined with a biometric validation.
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防拆定位追踪手环 电子定位腕带

CO-EYE products offer a total solution for offender monitoring from low-risk to high-risk, coverage community supervision like probation, parole, pretrial, house arrest and jail&prison tracking. In the past decade, REFINE CO-EYE products have been widely used across the domestic and oversea markets, with more than 100,000 offenders under supervision. The CO-EYE product matrix includes:

  • CO-EYE Monitoring Software and Mobile APP.
  • CheckPoint APP, supports Android and iOS smartphone;
  • High secure BLE i-Bracelet, not only for CheckPoint APP but also for third-party APP integration.
  • Two-piece model GPS ankle bracelet, including CO-EYE i-Tracker/i-Bracelet and HouseStation
  • One-piece GPS ankle bracelet: CO-EYE ONE.
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The deveplopment of Ankle Monitor in China

In 2011, the goverment of Shanghai launched the China’s first scheme to enforce compulsory the parolees under ankle monitor in conjunction with community-based orders. Monitoring offender compliance would take place with the assistance of REFINE ankle monitor bracelet. This pilot programme was part of the justice reform in China to solve the problems of overcrowd in prison or jail and reduce recidivism compared to standard probation.

The pilot project ended in 2014 and yielded several outstanding effects including highly offender compliance rates, extremely efficiency in monitoring and cost-down. The most important is to promote alternative of incarceration for democracy justice reform.

In 2014, CCTV (China Central Television) reported China's first ankle monitor programm with REFINE second-generation products, and kicked off the prelude to the development of ankle monitor in Chinese justice.

Eye's On TV Show of offender ankle monitoring

In 2015, Cui Yongyuan, the most fameous Chinese TV Host, produced a special TV show in Eye's on program to investigate and study community correction with REFINE ankle monitoring.

“The Special TV Show of Community Correction with Offender Ankle Monitoring in China”

By Yongyuan Cui, SMG Shanghai TV Eye's On Editor

CO-EYE ankle monitor: Better Tools, Better Job

Based on continuous high-precision indoor and outdoor seamless Beidou/GPS positioning supervision technology, how customers creatively used CO-EYE electronic ankle bracelets in surprising ways to achieve data-driven intelligent supervision.