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BLE AOA locator


BLE AOA Locator

BLE5.1 AOA High-Accurency Locator

CO-EYE i-RADAR AOA locator supports accurate electronic positioning of the Angle of Arrival (AOA) under standard protocols such as Bluetooth Low Energy BLE5.x, and is usually used in conjunction with RF electronic ankle bracelet. It has a high-performance ARM11 microprocessor with a main frequency of 1.7G and a 512M memory, which provides powerful data processing capabilities. It integrates a variety of sensors and a multi-mode high-precision positioning antenna array on a dedicated embedded RTOS real-time operating system. High-safety and high-reliability design for precision positioning and control of detainees.

The main functions of the AOA locator include all-weather AOA electronic wristband scanning and monitoring; within a diameter range of 2 times the installation height, a positioning accuracy of 0.1 to 1 meter is achieved; support for standard POE network interfaces; local RTC clock and data storage; Integrated information two-way interaction, etc.

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