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CO-EYE GPS ankle bracelet for community corrections

CO-EYE ankle monitor: Better Tools, Better Job

Based on continuous high-precision indoor and outdoor seamless Beidou/GPS positioning supervision technology, how customers creatively used CO-EYE electronic ankle bracelets in surprising ways to achieve data-driven intelligent supervision.This outstanding feature is used by the Shanghai Xuhui District Judicial Bureau to conduct intelligent cross-comparison analysis of the all-weather whereabouts of drug-related accomplices in cross-regions and their stay time.

CO-EYE quarantine monitoring application

COVID-19 Quarantine and Isolation Monitoring Applications

April 27, 2021, REFINE Technolgoies released its first DISPOSABLE bluetooth anti-tamper quarantine wristband or bracelet for home quarantine and isolation monitoring. Based on REFINE's state-of-the-art criminal justice electronic bracelet, CO-EYE i-Bracelet, new disposable bluetooth bracelet is designed for patient comfort and reliability. The devices are easy to wear with ergonomic form factor design, hypoallergenic materials and convenient operations.