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CO-EYE ankle monitor: Better Tools, Better Job

Better matters when you’re supervising high-risk offenders. That’s why REFINE Technologies focuses on developing better monitoring solutions, providing better customer support, and offering better training. CO-EYE GPS ankle bracelets continues this focus on excellence with features like on-demand Pursuit Mode, guess-free tamper technology, and the industry’s best battery life.

Better continuous high-precision indoor and outdoor seamless Beidou/GPS positioning supervision technology plays a role.

The director of product marketing of REFINE recalled a case of how customers creatively used CO-EYE electronic ankle bracelets in surprising ways to achieve data-driven intelligent supervision.

The community corrections department of the Shanghai Xuhui District Justice Bureau has always been the benchmark for the national community corrections business of the National Ministry of Justice. It has achieved "zero recidivism" for community corrections offenders for 8 consecutive years. This is a very remarkable achievement. Although the Xuhui District Judicial Bureau is one of the earliest users of CO-EYE GPS electronic ankle bracelet, due to the sensitivity of the Department of Public Security, Procuratorate and Justice, REFINE CO-EYE products and systems have been docked with secret-related systems through "white data". In-depth understanding of customer usage and details.

In an accidental exchange, out of curiosity, why the Xuhui District Judicial Bureau can achieve such remarkable results and why the CO-EYE electronic ankle bracelet has been used continuously for ten years, especially when the market is full of more Community correction electronic bracelet products modified from cheap children's GPS positioning watches. Xuhui District Judicial Bureau’s Community Corrections Deputy Chief Zhu shared one of their internal work. Xuhui Judicial Bureau developed an intelligent data analysis system with the help of the District Political and Legal Committee’s big data platform. He only shared one case due to confidentiality-related reasons. Data analysis of drug co-criminals. This type of co-criminals usually involves community corrections subjects in other districts and counties in Shanghai. It happens that these districts and counties use CO-EYE GPS ankle bracelet products, which can be obtained through the interface of the unified platform of the Shanghai Judicial Bureau. Data of accomplices. Since CO-EYE electronic ankle bracelet products have been continuously providing high-precision positioning indications of indoor and outdoor horizontal positions, building floors, and continuous environmental electromagnetic fingerprint data at a positioning frequency of every 5 minutes, this outstanding feature is used in cross-regional interventions. The intelligent cross-comparison analysis of the space and stay time of the drug accomplices all-weather, this cross-regional drug-related accomplices frequently visited the same public toilet in a certain place at different times, and such a place was automatically marked as potential by the system The place of drug use or transaction is in fact the same.

CO-EYE GPS ankle monitor bracelet for community corrections offender.

Deputy Chief Zhu said, "Through a large number of algorithms and tags like this, our judicial intelligent big data analysis system automatically obtains and continuously dynamically updates a Shanghai drug-related site and Geographical database of locations, with very high accuracy, with clear environmental electromagnetic fingerprints", "You should know that such a drug-related geographic database was originally in the hands of the Public Security Bureau, and due to the particularity of public security business, the data will not be shared. For other families, including the political and legal commission data platform. But now it is different. The data that our judiciary has through its own system allows the political and legal commission to have a drug-related geographic database that may surpass or complement the National Public Security Administration’s existing drug-related geographic database!", "...this It’s just the tip of the iceberg. This intelligent analysis system was built by our Xuhui Judicial Group with millions of investments and has produced hundreds of labels, such as drug-related, alcoholism, addiction, theft, provocation, gambling, financial fraud, MLM...Moreover, we also need a large amount of supporting training for our grassroots correction cadres and social workers to clean the data and continuously train the self-learning ability of the system", while showing us the system, the staff of Ruifan were surprised and amazed. Looking at the work beyond imagination displayed by young government servants, it is really hard to believe.

Towards the end, Deputy Chief Zhu said half-jokingly, "In fact, we did not choose CO-EYE GPS ankle bracelet products, but our AI data analytic software automatically selected a tool that can match our system capabilities", "Those one-piece community corrections monitoring GPS watches can only provide mobile base station assisted positioning once every 2 hours, with an accuracy of 1 km, which is invalid data for our system. If the watch is turned on for GPS positioning every 5 minutes, the battery will be out of power in 3 or 4 hours. Significance. What's the use if you remove it without any alarms?! What kind of heart rate anti-tampering is useless but just demo show...", and then sighed, "In fact, our corrections officers and the staff of the judicial office. The pressure is also great. One person has to manage dozens of offenders, and the procuratorate has to be held accountable. Fortunately, our corrections department has relatively sufficient funds, choose some better monitoring devices, develop some systems and use technologies to improve the efficiency of supervision. The staff are most afraid of missing alarms and false alerts, so they have higher requirements on the equipment. In the future, we need REFINE staffs to be more proactive and timely in our services, and more discussions for brain storm..." .

After half a year, the young deputy chief is said to have been promoted to a new higher position in the Political and Legal Committee. The government is a place where the real Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, this also inspires us to continue to make progress and learn.