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CO-EYE i-Bracelet
Electronic Ankle Bracelet

RF Ankle Bracelet for House Arrest

CO-EYE i-BRACELET is the industry’s most flexible RF home curfew system for low-risk offenders with reliable tamper technology. Optimized to work with today’s mobile network communications, paired Monitoring Tracker can transmit ankle bracelet data through cellular and fully integrates with all of CO-EYE software platform.

The main functions of the electronic ankle bracelet include all-weather uninterrupted radio frequency signal transmission in the ISM frequency band; long-distance signal coverage; secure encrypted transmission function; complete waterproof capability with alternating hot and cold water; complete anti-removal and malicious attack alarm function; multi-dimensional motion state Sensing function; long endurance working ability without charging, etc.

COVID-19 Quarantine and Isolation Monitoring Applications

new disposable quarantine bluetooth optical anti-tamper wristband

Quarantine Wristband Quarantine Monitor APP
quarantine wristband

April 27, 2021, REFINE released its first BLE anti-tamper quarantine wristband or bracelet for home quarantine and isolation monitoring. Based on CO-EYE i-Bracelet state-of-the-art criminal justice electronic bracelet, new quarantine wristband is designed for patient comfort and reliability. The devices are easy to wear with ergonomic form factor design, hypoallergenic materials and convenient operations.

  • Work with any quarantine APPs to provide criminal justice level protection by reliable and secure optical fibre anti-tamper, NOT those quarantine tracking tag with medical wristband.
  • Waterproof for bath or diving, 0.7oz lightweight as fitness band.
  • Plug-and-click rapid installation without tools,1-year battery life.
  • Support fast field-reuse with ultra low-cost disposable optical fibre strap, no recycle limitation, no more waste and pollution, extremely cost-down.
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ankle monitor

REFINE has built powerful offender tracking solutions for law-enforcement use cases in past 10 years. Leveraging the same engineering teams and core technical capabilities, we can deliver quarantine and isolation monitoring solution rapidly. Based on CO-EYE offender CheckPoint APP, the quarantine monitoring APPs in smartphone support our new disposable bluetooth anti-tamper bracelet to monitor quarantine patients. Main features including:

  • GPS, LBS and Wi-Fi location tracking.
  • 2-way communication via cellular or Wi-Fi.
  • Geo-fencing, scheduling, SMS and in-APP notifications
  • Voice identification in-put and camera snapshot of documents.
  • Biometric and RF tether ID verification options.
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