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GPS Ankle Bracelet

Offender Ankle Monitoring GPS Bracelet

CO-EYE ONE combines superior location accuracy, an industry-leading strap design, long battery life, and user-friendly software tools that help officers quickly identify and address issues in their caseload. For high-risk offenders requiring around-the-clock location monitoring, CO-EYE GPS ankle bracelet offers revolutionary tamper technology that virtually eliminates false alerts and provides nearly instant notifications, so officers can act quickly.

The main functions of CO-EYE ONE include a multiple anti-tamper detection mechanism with optical sensor wristband as the core; Beidou/GPS dual-mode satellite positioning; mobile base station assisted positioning; indoor WIFI assisted positioning; elevation/floor positioning; multi-dimensional motion state sensing function ;Offline monitoring; GPRS/EDGE/SMS mobile network data transmission with wide-area coverage; integrated security encryption information interaction function; fully waterproof ability of alternate cold and hot water beyond IP68; complete anti-malicious attack alarm function; no need for 1 month Long battery life of charging, etc.

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