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ankle surveillance bracelet


Offender Monitoring Tracker

Electronic Monitor for RF Ankle Bracelet

CO-EYE TRACKER is usually used with RF electronic ankle bracelets as two-pieces electronic monitoring device. Monitoring tracker has a high-performance ARM11 microprocessor with a main frequency of 1.7G and a 512M memory, which provides powerful data processing capabilities. It integrates multiple sensors and multi-mode radio frequency units on a dedicated embedded RTOS real-time operating system. High-security and high-reliability design for non-custodial control. It has passed a variety of safety tests and certifications including the safety protection products of the Ministry of Public Security, and has been widely used in the fields of judicial community correction, house arrest, bail, and furlough surveillance.

The main functions of monitoring tracker include all-weather electronic wristband scanning and monitoring; Beidou/GPS dual-mode satellite positioning; 3G/GPRS/SMS mobile data transmission; mobile base station assisted positioning; indoor WIFI assisted positioning; elevation/floor positioning; three-dimensional acceleration and electronics Motion state perception composed of compass; offline monitoring; large-capacity local data storage; integrated information two-way interaction, etc.

House Arrest Monitoring HouseStation

House Arrest Monitoring HouseStation is a wireless signal scanning enhanced version based on CO-EYE Tracker. It is mainly used for multi-floor residential surveillance and other specific applications, can provide seamless coverage monitoring of electronic ankle bracelet in complex villas building. Main features include:

  • Inherited all functions of CO-EYE Tracker;
  • It has the signal penetration ability to penetrate four concrete walls, and completes the seamless coverage monitoring of electronic ankle bracelet in complex villa environment;
  • Built in dual card dual standby, support two-way telephone voice / SMS communication interaction ability;
  • Built in large capacity backup battery, support 48 hours power off continuous monitoring;
  • Support concurrent scanning and monitoring of multiple electronic bracelets or wristbands;
  • Fully meet the high standard of House Arrest as a mandatory compliance of criminal justice.

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