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A parole office checks the status of an offender who is wearing a GPS ankle monitor.


Monitoring Mobile APP

Monitoring Mobile APP

Monitoring Mobile APP is an important extension of the CO-EYE offendr tracking software, offers convienently and secure community supervision through operator's smartphones anytime and anywhere, including daily supervision of GIS, status monitoring, real-time alarm notification, alarm handling, and two-way information interaction. Mobile monitoring APP includes iOS version and Android version, supporting mainstream Apple and Android smart phones on the market.

The main functions of Monitoring Mobile APP include real-time positioning and monitoring of electronic maps; support for the access and status monitoring of different levels of supervision terminals such as electronic bracelets, electronic foot loops, electronic handcuffs, electronic shackles, and non-custodial code roll-call verification APP; two-way information interaction ; Real-time alarm query management; timely alarm notification; alarm handling; historical trajectory playback; query statistics and analysis, support timeline event and work trace management; support multiple-level classification management, realize unified certification and hierarchical authority management.

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