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CO-EYE provides a range of serivces to support inmate tracking and tracing solutions.


Offender Surveillance
Technical Support

5 Steps to Getting Started with CO-EYE Monitoring System

REFINE CO-EYE electronic monitoring system provides end-to-end complete security solutions for inmate tracking based on cloud services, and also supports secure access to user systems or private intranet deployment.

Users only need a few minutes to activate and put into control, easy to use

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Contact REFINE or authorized partners

You can contact REFINE experts through the official website, official service WeChat or authorized partners to confirm whether your needs and REFINE products match, answer your questions and recommend solutions.

Reach the intention, obtain the business agreement, and sign the business agreement by scanning fax or email. According to the contract, REFINE will send out the equipment you urgently need via SF Express as soon as possible.

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Create an account

REFINE operation and maintenance experts will create user security accounts, configure the system, and allocate user terminal equipment according to needs. At the same time, this information will be synchronized to the user as soon as possible.

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User initialization data

Users log in to the system after completing security authentication based on their user name and password. According to the guidance of the CO-EYE inmate tracking software, you can also read online help for yourself or contact the online support of REFINE operation and maintenance experts to enter the basic data, equipment, and constraint settings of the controlled objects. After the initialization is complete, wait for the controlled object to wear the device.

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Offender wear ankle bracelet

The user declares the controlled object, issues an electronic supervision notice and handling decision letter, and the controlled object signs a confirmation of acceptance of electronic supervision. The user performs the wearing operation on the controlled object according to the wearing guide, or can supervise the controlled object to wear it by itself, usually within a few seconds to complete this operation.

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Daily supervision

After offender ankle bracelet is worn, the user confirms whether the device status is normal through the platform software. Enter into the normalized daily management and control, you can contact REFINE operation and maintenance experts online or phone for help for any problems during use.

At the same time, REFINE's operation and maintenance department will also conduct daily platform inspections, and contact users in time when problems are found.