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Shanghai REFINE Technologies Co., Ltd. was established in 2004. It is professional manufacturer of active RFID, wireless sensor network and real-time positioning system security products in China. It is a leader in the security and confidentiality-related non-custodial personnel positioning control market Position, with a group of young and high-quality talents, with professional RFID and indoor and outdoor real-time positioning system product design and development experience, and CO-EYE real-time positioning system products, which have been widely used in national defense, military industry, finance, medical and health, and public security , Justice, sanitation, shipping and logistics. Its core technology has complete independent intellectual property rights, and has obtained military secret C+ product security qualification, Ministry of Public Security security product qualification, and National Cryptographic Bureau commercial secret qualification. The major scientific and technological projects completed in Shanghai and the national 863 key project "China-US Two Ports and One Shipping Container Electronic Label Demonstration Line" have reached the international advanced level and won the third prize of National Safety Production Technology Progress Award.

CO-EYE system products have been and will always be committed to building a comprehensive professional solution for key population positioning control.

Electronic Monitoring Innovations Create Simplicity

Our flagship product CO-EYE electronic monitoring system consists of Beidou electronic shackle monitoring terminal, central monitoring platform, mobile correction monitoring APP, and non-custodial personnel control verification APP. Based on a dedicated mobile operating system, it integrates Beidou GNSS satellite positioning, mobile base station assisted positioning, WIFI positioning, inertial navigation and positioning, RFID automatic identification, optical loop safety detection, multi-state sensors, ultra-micro power consumption control, etc. The automatic collection mechanism establishes a front-end behavior intelligent recognition model based on the risk assessment model of non-custodial personnel. Realize one-to-one full-process automatic monitoring, automatic management and automatic correction control. Through complete local detection and analysis and timely self-control intervention capabilities, the non-custodial personnel control execution mode has been transformed from platform retrospective supervision to front-end pre-warning and automatic in-event The implementation of major upgrades in corrective intervention and risk analysis has brought the implementation of non-custodial personnel management and control to a new level, greatly solving the current widespread non-custodial personnel monitoring efficiency and effectiveness issues. Today, CO-EYE has completely surpassed similar products at home and abroad whether it is used in judicial community corrections, public security residential surveillance, release on guarantee pending trial, and relatives visiting relatives from prison.

ankle monitor bracelet

Our History


REFINE Founded in Shanghai

Launched its first 2.4G RFID active tag and reader product in China market.


Built Container RFID Tracking and Tracing System

The Shanghai Port-Yantai Port Domestic Trade Container RFID tracking and tracing Demonstration Line, led by Vice President Bao Qifan of Shanghai International Port Group (SIPG), fully uses the innovative products of REFINE.


National Innovation Fund Program

Refine Technology helped China win two gold awards at the Paris International Invention Exhibition.

The Domestic Trade Container RFID tracking and tracing Demonstration Line completed 12 months of operation for more than 8,000 TEU standard containers, and passed the inspection and acceptance by the expert group of the Ministry of Transport, and the products passed the inspection and certification of the Traffic Safety Inspection Center of the Ministry of Public Security.

SIEMENS Power Transmission and Distribution Group uses Refine RFID products for real-time positioning and tracking of production lines.


Released Semi-Active RFID Products

Won the third prize of National Work Safety Science and Technology Progress Award.

Participated in the construction of the electronic seal system for foreign trade containers from Shanghai Port to Savannah Port.

Giant, German BASF, Shanghai Gas Group, Shanghai Sanitation System, etc. introduced the REFINE RFID automatic identification and tracking system.


RFID Tracking And Tracing System in National Defense

Passed the security test of the People's Liberation Army Security Technology Research Institute and obtained military secret C+ certification.

The products have been successfully applied in the General Staff headquarters of and Air Force Equipment Department.

The SIGP and REFINE joint scientific research team led by SIPG Group Bao Qifan drafted the draft national standard "Technical Specifications for the Application of Container Electronic Labels for Supply Chain Monitoring".


Release CO-EYE RTLS prodcut

The core product has been certified by the Information Security Evaluation Center of the State Security Bureau.

The CO-EYE system integrates the automatic identification and location monitoring of personnel, vehicles, and secret-related carriers, and is widely deployed in the Aerospace Science and Technology Launch Rocket Research Institute, the Ninth Nuclear Research Institute, the Nanjing Military Region, and the Armed Police Force.

The product is matched with the mine personnel positioning system of Huarui Fushun Coal Mine Safety Instrument Co., Ltd.


License Qualification of the State Cryptography Administration

The CO-EYE RTLS system has entered the financial system data center security field, and has been successfully applied in the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China data center and the rural commercial bank data center.

REFINE was selected into the Shanghai Municipal Dual-use Technology Research Plan.

"ISO/PAS 18186: Container-RFID Freight Label System" led by the research team of Bao Qifan, Vice President of SIPG has officially become an international public standard recognized by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). This specification is the first publicly available specification proposed by my country and actively promoted by China in the field of logistics and Internet of Things. It uses active RFID technology to realize automatic identification of container-related logistics data.


Develop CO-EYE Ankle Mointoring Bracelet

Obtained the inspection and certification of the Safety and Protection Product Testing Center of the Ministry of Public Security.

CO-EYE is used in the positioning of personnel in nursing homes, procuratorates, courts, detention centers, and prisons.


Released the First GPS Ankle Bracelet in China

For the first time in China, electronic monitoring of GPS ankle bracelet was applied in community correction.

The 3D visualization system based on CO-EYE real-time positioning is applied to 32 Shanghai popular science venues.


Beidou Navigation Application Demonstration

Design and develop community correction electronic shackle products based on the second-generation Beidou navigation system.

Won the bid to build a 3D navigation and real-time positioning system for the National Convention and Exhibition Center in Hongqiao, Shanghai.


Released Beidou electronic Bracelet Monitoring System

Contribute to the reform of Shanghai's judicial system. The Public Procuratorate and Law Department jointly launched the country's first "Interim Measures for the Electronic Real-time Supervision and Management of Community Prisoners", realizing the institutional innovation of the domestic community correction electronic supervision system.

For the first time, courts across the country implemented electronic supervision of parole offenders through legal documents.

Mainstream media such as China Central Television, Oriental Television, and Legal Daily reported extensively.


Industry Leaders

In Shanghai, 3,000 sets of large-scale applications of community corrections electronic supervision have been implemented, covering all districts and counties.

The leaders of the judicial departments of many provinces and cities in Beijing, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia, Guangdong, Heilongjiang, Hunan, Fujian and other places inspected the experience of Shanghai community corrections electronic supervision.

Dozens of community corrections management departments of judicial bureaus across the country adopt the REFINE community corrections electronic supervision system.


Release the Third-generation Ankle Monitoring Bracelet

Launched a community correction electronic supervision APP for iOS and Android smartphone.

For the first time, REFINE’s community corrections supervised offenders exceeded 10,000 person-times, and participated in the formulation of the Shanghai local standard "Technical Specifications for Electronic Wristbands for Community offenders."

Won the bid to build a real-time location and tracking system for waste in the Shanghai Disney International Resort Tourism Zone.


More Certifications

The core products have been tested and certified by different national authorities in terms of material safety, human electromagnetic radiation, battery safety, etc., providing high safety guarantees for community corrections.

The electronic shackle supervision products of REFINE community corrections are underwritten by the People's Insurance Company of China.

Participated in the formulation of the Ministry of Justice industry standard "Technical Specifications for Electronic Positioning Wristbands for Community offenders".


Released the Offender Checkpoint APP in Community Correction

The roll-call verification APP applications provided for mainstream mobile smart terminals on the market include iOS and Android APP applications. On the one hand, it provides more diversified regulatory options for low-risk offenders, and on the other hand. High-risk offenders provide higher supervision requirements, such as auxiliary supervision channels for dual control.

The electronic bracelet products fully assist the electronic supervision of furlough services in national prison industry.


The Fourth-generation Ankle Monitoring Bracelet

The core product has passed the professional test of the Ministry of Justice of Uzbekistan.

Actively connect with the "Community Correction Law" electronic positioning device use specifications.


The Smaller Electronic Ankle Bracelet

Launched non-custodial personnel management and control system products for bail and house arrest, to break through the high-standard supervision problem of residential surveillance.

Released its smaller professional electronic ankle braceletproduct, providing a safety supervision experience with zero false positives and zero false negatives. Ruifan takes practical actions in its own sub-industries, practicing China's intelligent manufacturing to lead the world, surpassing similar products in Europe and the United States for the first time.

For the first time, REFINE's community corrections supervision offenders exceeded 100,000.