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CO-EYE Solutions

Continuous non-custodial electronic surveillance for Law enforcement agencies

CO-EYE Electronic Monitoring Products

Ultra-high security and reliability powered by innovation-driven technologies

CO-EYE Electronic Monitoring Software

Monitoring Software Monitoring Mobile APP
monitoring software

CO-EYE monitoring software is a visualization platform for non-custodial supervision integrated with WEB GIS. Supports seamless integration of GPS ankle monitor, house arrest RF ankle bracelet, electronic ankle monitoring terminals, offender checkpoint APP; provide multiple automated supervision capabilities such as daily supervision, real-time alarm, tracking and tracing, history records, data reports and risk analytics; built-in mobile phone text messages and APP message push dual Timely warning notifications, providing timeline-based management of the traces of person-to-person full-cycle digital supervision work; ideal for multiple law enforcement applications such as house arrest, parole, probation, bail, furlough and etc.

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monitoring mobile app

CO-EYE monitoring mobile APP offers convienently and secure supervisions through operator's smartphones anytime and anywhere, including daily supervision of GIS, status monitoring, real-time alarm notification, alarm handling, and two-way information interaction. Mobile monitoring APP includes iOS version and Android version, supporting mainstream Apple and Android smart phones on the market.

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