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Electronic monitoring is part of the solution to jail overcrowding and prison depopulation.


Bail&House Arrest

Improve House Arrest Safety with Ankle Monitor

Bail and sentencing reform offers opportunities for the criminal justice system to significantly reduce prison and jail populations. Changes in law and sentencing policy contribute to this increase and long prison and jail sentences create barriers to successful reintegration. But successful reentry planning combined with technology-driven programs and services can positively impact outcomes for justice-involved populations.

The CO-EYE Systems suite of RF ankle bracelet and GPS location monitoring devices, software, and mobile apps provide the foundation that community corrections need to efficiently supervise and manage their diverse caseloads. Our fully integrated solutions help streamline case management and provide flexible options based on risk and need, all while enhancing community safety.

Community supervision programs that leverage technology enable courts and agencies to monitor clients while lessening the burden on prisons and jails.



As decriminalization laws are developed, jurisdictions need to find new ways to assess the risk and need of criminal justice populations. Our electronic monitoring and mobile check-in solutions give jurisdictions the tools they need to supervise those who are not incarcerated.

Risk Assessment

Properly assessing a client’s risk and need levels are crucial when determining the type and intensity of their supervision requirements. Our software solutions work with risk assessment tools to help compile a client’s criminal, mental health, substance abuse history, and more so officers can assign an effective monitoring regimen.

Funding Challenges

Funding challenges are a common reason courts and jurisdictions hesitate to add intensive alcohol and location monitoring to their programs. However, electronic monitoring services can be funded locally by the courts or service user payment plans, saving money by leaving jail space for only the most dangerous criminals.

CO-EYE electronic monitoring solutions

OPTIONS FOR bail and house arrest

ankle monitor


RF Ankle Bracelet

electronic bracelet


Monitor for RF Ankle Bracelet

electronic ankle bracelet


GPS Ankle Bracelet

offender tracking APP

CO-EYE HouseStation

House Arrest Monitoring Station

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