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  Electronic label and long-distance range radio frequency card
  The electronic seal disciple seals the series
  The electronic label read-write and the long-distance range read the care
  Grasps and is portable read-write
  GPS satellite clock
  RFID automatic diagnosis system
  News Tendency
  Shanghai refine information science and technology limited company issues newest generation of base depot type integration electron label read-write i-Reader RR505
  Shanghai refine information science and technology limited company signs a treaty the An hui Province armed police unit vehicles safety control, the road surface investigation and the supervising and managing system
  Shanghai refine information science and technology limited company is selected the Shanghai armed police unit vehicles safety control system, the success boosts the armed police vehicles the difference barrack gate safety control, the road surface investigation and supervising and managing
  Shanghai refine i-Collected long-distance range electron label automatic diagnosis system through national Ministry of Public Security traffic safety product examination center authentication
  Popular Technology
  The long-distance range reads the card
  Wireless inspects
  The family school passes
  Vehicles difference management
  RFID electron label
  Automatic diagnosis and data acquisition
  About Refine
The vehicles management has entered the new times, regardless of is:
Transport business vehicles road surface examination
Container vehicles management
Important conference vehicles management
Residential district vehicles management
Business unit vehicles management
The highway does not stop the charge
    We have not needed "to stop examine pay expenses to pass", the new technology causes us to be unimpeded. Let you enjoy the VIP honored feeling. This all because advanced RFID technology
    Refine----- your RFID automatic diagnosis expert, provides the authoritative integrity for you the vehicles management solution.
    Domestic only has the independent intellectual property rights the long distance vehicles management automatic diagnosis system
    The Shanghai RFID alliance core enterprise, undertakes the Shanghai science committee RFID mountaineering plan and national "863" the RFID attack project, the participation country "115" the RFID electron label research plan formulation
    One batch of outstanding abundance, the large specialized talented person leads research and development team, product quality through quality engineering supervision bureau strict examination.
    Home biggest vehicles recognition system provider.
    From the villa plot, the residential district to business unit, the container, the important conference vehicles, the refine has large quantities of authorities' solutions.
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Sixth session of Asian Europe wealth long conference
Intel (China) limited company
Kodak (China) limited company
Shanghai international harbor affairs (group) limited company
Automated nobody dump site container automatic diagnosis system
The Urumqi telecommunication school passes the system
Suzhou power supply bureau's service vehicles management
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