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¡¡¡¡Shanghai Refine Information Technologies (REFINE), headquartered in Shanghai, China. provides Active and Semi-Active RFID (radio frequency identification) systems for asset management, physical security and supply chain efficiencies. The battery-powered (active) RFID tags locate, identify, track, monitor, count, and protect people, assets, inventory, and vehicles. REFINE i-CollectedTM RFID solutions are supported by patented technologies enable applications including: automatic ¡°hands-free¡± personnel access control, automatic vehicle access control, automatic asset management, and sensor management.

¡¡¡¡REFINE patented i-CollectedTM RFID systems use small, low cost battery powered tags (generically called ¡°active¡± or ¡°semi-active¡± tags) that when activated, transmit a wireless message typically 30 to 300 feet to hidden palm size receivers. The receivers are simultaneously connected (via a standard network) to the enterprise system software, the existing security alarm equipment and standalone management software. The REFINE enterprise software platform provides real-time location displays, automatic inventory counts, custom reports and alerts based on programmable rule-based conditions including automatic e-mail alerting and paging for rapid response.

¡¡¡¡The i-CollectedTM can be used for a variety of enterprise productivity applications including:

  • personnel access control and tracking
  • asset management and protection
  • vehicle access control and payload management
  • supply chain and logistics
  • real time location determination
  • consumer recognition
  • special purpose sensing.

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