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The nation triumphant revertex production line automatic equipment inspects

        The Shanghai refine information science and technology limited company equipment label and the read-write system success apply in the nation triumphant revertex automatic equipment inspects plants.

        The nation triumphant revertex took one of home biggest revertex production enterprises, has introduced the Germany most advanced automatic production line. But took how the continuous production system very good support equipment movement safely became the question which the administrative personnel had a headache, the equipment electron label which the Shanghai sharp sail information science and technology limited company innovated and grasps the read-write equipment for the nation triumphant revertex success to establish the intellectualized equipment to inspect the system, has solved the problem well.


  - Vehicle tag
  - Container tag
  - Electronic seal
  - Fixed reader
  - Handhold PDA reader

  - i-RoadControl™ vehicle on-road inspection system
  - i-SealControl™ smart container logistics security system
  - i-GuideControl™ automatic guide system