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Power supply bureau vehicles difference automatic control

        The Suzhou power supply bureau's service vehicles used the Shanghai refine i-ParkControl vehicles label system to realize the intellectualized management which stopped and passes in and out.

        Vehicles electron label i-Tag may lay aside in the vehicles cab plants, through installs read-write does not stop in the entrance electronic label to the vehicles implementation the turnover control, has provided the extremely convenient method prompt control and the management for the power supply bureau vehicles management operation department repairs in a rush the vehicles, grasps repairs in a rush the vehicles dynamic situation, analyzes the vehicles utilization rule, takes the effective guard measure, the realization repairs in a rush vehicles dispatch no paper the turnover field area recognition automation.


  - Vehicle tag
  - Container tag
  - Electronic seal
  - Fixed reader
  - Handhold PDA reader

  - i-RoadControl™ vehicle on-road inspection system
  - i-SealControl™ smart container logistics security system
  - i-GuideControl™ automatic guide system