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The Urumqi telecommunication school passes

        The Shanghai refine information science and technology limited company's electronic label system success boosts the Urumqi telecommunication school to pass the system.

        Urumqi starts the implementation school as the home to pass the system most early the experiment site city, passed the project in its early time school to use the IC card, the overseas electronic label and so on the many kinds of technical plan and many systems carries on the use, all could not achieve the design request, finally selected the Shanghai sharp sail information science and technology after to innovate the i-Collected technology electronic label system to satisfy its system request only then completely.

        The electronic label places in student's book bag as the electronic school insignia, the school gate installment has the receiving antenna, may receive comes from the electronic school insignia information. The student goes to school when and is on vacation from school, the electronic school insignia system through the small quick short note system automatically the student enters a school the information which and is on vacation from school by the short note way transmission for the guardian, therefore regardless of is the school student guardian is clear to student's whereabouts. Especially, makes up for a missed lesson in view of on supplementary class goes home the late child, will pass the system guardian with the aid of the family school to be possible in darkness later as necessary to understand child's situation, the exemption worried very much.


  - Vehicle tag
  - Container tag
  - Electronic seal
  - Fixed reader
  - Handhold PDA reader

  - i-RoadControl™ vehicle on-road inspection system
  - i-SealControl™ smart container logistics security system
  - i-GuideControl™ automatic guide system