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Shanghai international harbor affairs limited company container automatic diagnosis management system management system

        The Shanghai Refine information science and technology limited company relies on the abundant technical strength to be selected the Shanghai international harbor affairs (group) the limited company, constructs its home first automation nobody dump site container automatic diagnosis system.

        Port of Shanghai took the fast development the harbor, its volume of goods handled already became the world third big harbor, "the science and technology was popular the port" in it under the strategic instruction always to pay great attention to the use advanced information technology and the communication equipment comes the full excavation productive potential, enhanced the cargo handling efficiency and the service level. At present it invests 2.2 hundred million construct our country first automation nobody dump site, the Shanghai refine information science and technology limited company based on the completely independent intellectual property rights container electron label system software and hardware system, as well as the formidable development ability, defeated at one fell swoop has come from US, Japan, Sweden and so on the multinational corporation, comprehensively was selected constructs it to have the internationalization advanced level the integrated container automatic diagnosis technology system.


  - Vehicle tag
  - Container tag
  - Electronic seal
  - Fixed reader
  - Handhold PDA reader

  - i-RoadControl™ vehicle on-road inspection system
  - i-SealControl™ smart container logistics security system
  - i-GuideControl™ automatic guide system