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  The wireless localization technology is radio wave some parameters which receives through docking carries on the survey, by judges according to the specific algorithm was measured the object the position, the survey parameter includes the transmission time, the scope, the phase and the arrival angle generally and so on. But the pointing accuracy is decided by the survey method. The traditional wireless localization technology mainly has: Based on terminal localization technology and based on network localization technology.

  Based on terminal localization technology:

  Mainly refers to the position based on the terminal localization technology which the mobile termination calculates own to locate, namely self-/individual handset localization technology. This kind of technology mainly has GPS, assists GPS (Assisted GPS) and enlargement mode observation time difference E - OTD (Enhanced Observed Time Difference) and so on several methods.

  Based on network localization technology:

  Is refers to the network basis based on the network localization technology to survey the data to calculate the position which the mobile termination locates. This kind of technology mainly has CGI - TA, based on the direction localization technology (signal arrival angle AOA), (on line of arrival time UL - TOA and arrives time difference TDOA) based on the distance localization technology and based on the fingerprint localization technology and so on several kinds.

  At present above two kind of wireless localizations technology respectively has the good and bad points, also all is the cost is high, does not suit the big area use. But the RFID electron label took the short distance correspondence and the recognition method, unify with the traditional wireless localization technology, in extremely good solution most terminal massive localizations demand and cost contradiction. The electronic label and the traditional technology mix network has realized the many kinds of methods in a system mix localization technology, therefore has the high accuracy and the low cost characteristic.

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