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Wireless data acquisition

  Starts from the 90's intermediate stages, along with the our country economy rapid development, the automatic diagnosis and the data acquisition technology (AIDC) the achievement promotes various professions automation level the powerful tool, also obtained the widespread application. This technical core content lies in can be fast, accurately effectively register the scene huge data to in the computer system database, thus sped up the speed which the class, the commercial interchange, the fund flows, obviously enhanced merchant's economic efficiency and the customer service level, therefore has received the widespread attention.

  After the number year practice, the automatic diagnosis and the data acquisition equipment has proliferated the various professions, but along with the profession automation level enhancement, the enterprise and the timely request also had the further enhancement regarding the data accuracy, the user had hoped expanded the data real-time capture and the track to a retail sales management deeper stratification plane and a broader domain, from this, arose at the historic moment based on the wireless technical real-time data gathering system. By the wireless network base depot (AP) and the wireless data terminal (PDT) is the core real-time data gathering system, may be specially moves the scene gathering the data, real-time effectively registers to in the large and middle scale resource management system database, thus causes the enterprise resources system (ERP), the supply chain management system management system (SCM), the supplier to relate the system (SRM), stores in a storehouse the management system management system (WMS), the transportation management system (TMS) plays the formidable role truly which its resources track, the plan, mixes. May say like this, the real-time data gathering system let the enterprise the resource management have the wheel truly which was fast like flies.

  In fact, already obtained the big area application based on the wireless network technology real-time data gathering system in the foreign investment retail trade, like Carrefour, Wal-Mart, Metro all used this kind, advanced have registered the inquiry technology quickly, accurately. Domestic merchant like Hua Pu, Yikerongwere prosperous and so on also all to use this aspect technology, and has obtained many experiences. Along with domestic retail trade competition intensifying, believed this kind may obviously reduce the operation cost, enhances the merchant benefit the new technology, the new tool can in one, two years widely apply.

  The electronic label is RFID which often mentioned in recent years (wireless radio frequency recognition). Because the electronic label may widely apply in the circulation of commodities, the thing flows the management and is multitudinous the domain which and the common people closely is connected, thus uses "the electronic label" popularly the name is helpful to its promotion and the application. The electronic label refers to a size like sesame seed grain of ultramicro small label which is composed by the IC chip and the wireless correspondence antenna, it has a transmission information the miniature antenna. The memory in the chip data, may must meet by reading machine by the radio wave form friendly reading, and through the reading machine processor, carries on the information readed and to carry on the correlation management. This kind of technology is most early uses for in Second World War in the air operation to carry on the foe identification. According to the present quite standard view, the electronic label is one kind of non- contact type automatic diagnosis technology, is bar code wireless edition which at present uses. It through the radio-frequency signal automatic diagnosis goal object and the gain correlation data, has the waterproofing which the bar code does not have, antimagnetic, thermostable, the service life long, reading is away from, on in a big way the label the data may encrypt, the stored datum capacity is bigger, the canned data may change and so on the merit. The electronic label application will give the retail sales, the thing will flow and so on the industry brings the revolutionary change. If the electronic label technology can with the electronic supply chain close relation, then it has the possibility to substitute for the bar code scanning technology very much within several years, becomes the wireless data acquisition the mainstream essential technology.

  The Shanghai refine information science and technology limited company is the domestic leading specialty is engaged in the electronic label (RFID) the product and the junction service equipment research and development, the design, supplies goods with the technical service high tech enterprise, grasps on the international most advanced electronic label core technology, all products have the completely independent intellectual property rights. Shanghai refine I-Collected™ The technology is newest, the creative patent technology, fused in the radio frequency domain and the digital technology many kinds of leading science and technology, uses the unique software radio technology, the micro power loss technology, guards against patent combination and so on spatial visit technology which the collision technology, the reply agreement, the bureau territory activates .I-Collected™ The technology founded the high price compared to the electronic label series product and the solution, can fully satisfy the high speed development the thing to flow with the automatic diagnosis demand. The detailed content sees also Products & Solutions.

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