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  How regarding realizes the effective power circuit to inspect the management, at present besides uses the traditional big man-power to inspect directly, but also has uses the video frequency monitoring, the synthesis overhaul vehicle, even power circuit and so on helicopter inspects the method. These ways in said to the domestic electric power enterprise that, cost excessively high, the implementation difficulty, also is not easy to promote, at the same time also with difficulty solves patrols in the work the human factor influence. The domestic electric power profession inspects in the way foundation in the traditional man-power, starts to attempt some new ways. The common electric power inspects the integrated technology to include:


  • Information Niu, the IC card inspects

      Each line each strut tower all needs to install the corresponding equipment, like information Niu (also called information bolt), on has the examination to be struck by lightning the electric current to pass the pole tower the sensor. Inspects the personnel line does an inspection when uses inspecting, beforehand must reads in the pole tower correspondence line name and the pole tower serial number information information Niu. When inspects pole tower which arrives needs to examine, after turns on lathe the bolt to cover aims at the information Niu's localization mouth with inspecting, the inspecting demonstration and the record corresponding pole, the tower line name and the serial number as well as the examination date and the time. Inspecting will record above content by inspects the IC card to withdraw, then, the computer system software through to inspects IC card information reading, will patrol the line to patrol the information as well as the line each kind of flaw type detailed situation which each level of poles tower the time, the pole tower will suffer is struck by lightning automatically inputs to the computer in.

      This way comprehensive cost is high, also maintained these extra information installments to increase the actual maintenance and the overhaul work.


  • PDA + bar code

      Beforehand completes the bar code mark localization in the pole tower, inspects arrives when with belt sweep unit PDA carries on the scanning, through the bar code information confirmation in the pole tower position, then and so on the detailed situation inputs the flaw to PDA in. But inspects the personnel to need to replace in the pole tower frequently to inspect the bar code, therefore the use management is not all convenient.



      This kind of system compares other ways to have progresses, it does not rely on attaches on the power equipment the information equipment, so long as inspects around the equipment which the personnel arrives treats patrols, then realizes in the specific time and the place data acquisition, after patrols the end of job, the data enters the bureau inland system database through some bureau territory wireless way. Had the minority Electrical Power Office to apply this kind of system, because selected the off-line asynchronous method, still had the very big limitation, the intellectualized degree is not high.

      The above several ways are basic can solve the service personnel field work request, may gather in the first time to the field data, the original information system will extend to the job site. Compares "to record first on the paper, comes back also again to input" the way, indeed reduced inspected the personnel to report the data the work load, enhanced the working efficiency. But cannot satisfy concrete work migration processing the need, the situation which possibly appears after certain situations applies these systems the work load instead increases, therefore these still belonged to the archery target product.

      Along with the long-distance range radio frequency recognition technology maturity, constituted wireless in this foundation inspects synthesized the traditional integration technology merit, has overcome respective shortcoming, for inspected the technology to provide High price compared to and the practical and feasible solution.

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