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Vehicles automatic diagnosis

  The vehicles automatic diagnosis installment uses the card recognition technology generally, grasps magnetism card, the bar code card, the IC card, the short distance RF radio frequency recognition card as well as the long-distance range RF radio frequency recognition card including the driver and so on. Also may use wireless technology and so on remote control, self-propelled car trademark recognition. Magnetism card and the bar code technology as a result of its inexpensive compartment price and the technical maturation, occupies the dominant status in the traditional vehicles management. But this technical supplementary equipment complex expensive, delimits the card equipment use inconvenient also is easy to damage, processing speed slow, the compartment life is short also is easily copied, the secrecy was not high, causes them not to be able to satisfy the modern parking lot request day by day.

  The IC card is the new recognition technology which has developed since the 80's. Its secrecy is good, fabricates or illegal rewriting with difficulty, is one ideal electronic recognition method. The shortcoming was still needs to brush the card process, thus reduced the recognition processing speed. At the same time, once the IC card electronic contact or reads the card equipment the electronic contact by the contamination cover, can affect the normal recognition, is high to the environment request, the general cart yard not suitably uses. These two shortcomings have limited the IC card in parking lot management system management system use. Must contacted the RF card recognition technology to inherit the IC card technology merit, the secrecy has been high, cannot fabricate. At the same time omitted has brushed the card process, enhanced the recognition speed. Moreover because does not have the activity mechanism in the recognition system, ceased has filled the card phenomenon occurrence, thus enormously enhanced the reliability. To the charge parking lot, the recognition system reliability meant parking lot reliability. Therefore, the read-only RF non- contact recognition card has become in the parking lot management system management system the ideal recognition technology. The non- contact recognition card may divide into the backscattering card and the sound surface wave according to the manufacture craft (SAW) the card; May divide into short distance RF according to the recognition scope size (radio frequency) the card and the long-distance range RF card. The short distance RF card uses the backscattering technology, its recognition scope generally in 0.3 meters to 0.6 meters. Because distinguished is away from slightly short, when recognition still needed the cardholder in to read in front of the card equipment to exhibit the recognition card. The long-distance range RF card then may maximum limit display the non- contact recognition technology the merit. Because uses the advanced sound surface wave technology, has developed the card recognition scope, enhanced the recognition speed.

  In the present vehicles automatic diagnosis, the typical like parking lot management, at present the most advanced design is uses the long-distance range RF radio frequency recognition card to complete the vehicles the automatic diagnosis and the management.

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