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Long-distance range radio frequency card

  The long-distance range radio frequency card mainly is aims at traditional the radio frequency card to say, also namely usually discussed non- contact type IC card. The non- contact type IC card will be refers to the integrated circuit chip seal in the plastic substrate card, will be one kind of function is diverse, the versatility electron card. Its contour and the size t'ung p'u pass the name card to be similar, the general thickness is 0.76 - 1.2 millimeters, small and exquisite, carries conveniently, the use is simple and direct. The card substrate is made by the polyvinyl-chloride rigid plastics, internal installation integrated circuit chip. The non- contact type IC card, is the enclosed packing, through radio frequency and external instrumentation pass-along message pam. It uses exterior launch the high frequency electromagnetic wave energy and the supply oscillator, carries on scratches writes the memory.

  The non- contact type IC card compared with the former recognition card, has following characteristic: One is the reliable high - - non- contact type IC clamping apparatus has antimagnetic, guards against the static electricity, guards against ability and so on machinery damage and anti-chemical destruction, the information storage life above 100 years, the read-write number of times above 100,000, may use at least for 10 years; Two is the security is good; Three, the storage capacity is big; Four is read-write is easy to realize; Five is the type are many. The non- contact type IC card system by the computer, Booth, read-write, the application system and must contacts the IC card and so on several parts to be composed. Among them, Booth's main function provides to the card machinery support and the electric appliance contact; The read-write basic function is to the card read-out and the write operation, some also may carry on the data processing and the encryption; The application software main function should have the card the read-write control, the result demonstration, the data processing, the system encryption and the system communication and so on. The software designs the quality directly will affect the overall system the movement effect.

  The long-distance range radio frequency card is the radio frequency recognition system true data carrier, also is called the electronic label. In the ordinary circumstances, the long-distance range radio frequency card is composed by the radio frequency antenna and the radio frequency special-purpose chip. Based on the long-distance range radio frequency card power supply way difference, the long-distance range radio frequency card may divide into the active card (Active tag) and the passive card (Passive tag). In the active card is loaded with the battery, the passive card does not have the internal battery. As for the active card that, is different according to the card internal battery power supply situation may subdivide for the active card (Active tag) and half active card (Semi—passive tag). The long-distance range radio frequency card uses in the transportation, the recognition distance may amount to several dozens meters, like automatic charge and recognition vehicles status and so on. The RFID technology has the waterproofing, antimagnetic, thermostable, the service life long, reading is away from, on in a big way the label the data may encrypt, the stored datum capacity is bigger, the canned data change freely and so on the merit, is one kind of market prospect and the application scale huge high technology and new technology.

  The Shanghai refine information science and technology limited company is the domestic leading specialty is engaged in the electronic label (RFID) the product and the junction service equipment research and development, the design, supplies goods with the technical service high tech enterprise, grasps on the international most advanced electronic label core technology, all products have the completely independent intellectual property rights. Shanghai refine I-Collected™ The technology is newest, the creative patent technology, fused in the radio frequency domain and the digital technology many kinds of leading science and technology, uses the unique software radio technology, the micro power loss technology, guards against patent combination and so on spatial visit technology which the collision technology, the reply agreement, the bureau territory activates .I-Collected™ The technology founded the high price compared to the electronic label series product and the solution, can fully satisfy the high speed development the thing to flow with the automatic diagnosis demand. The detailed content sees also Products & Solutions.

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