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  The EPC radio frequency recognition system realizes the EPC code automatic gathering function module, mainly read-write is composed by the radio frequency label and the radio frequency. The radio frequency label is the product electron code (EPC) the physical carrier, adheres to stick cohere on the goods which Yu Ke tracks, but the global circulation and carries on the recognition to it and read-write. The radio frequency read-write and the information system are connected, is reading in the label the EPC code and the input network information system equipment. The EPC system radio frequency label and the radio frequency read-write between use the wireless induction way to carry on the exchange of information, has following characteristic:

  • on- contact recognition;
  • ay distinguish the rapid traverse goods;
  • ay at the same time distinguish many goods and so on.

      The EPC radio frequency recognition system maximum limit reduced the manual intervention for the data acquisition, realized automated completely, is important link which "the thing networking" formed.

      EPC label

      The EPC label is the product electron code information carrier, mainly is composed by the antenna and the chip. In the EPC label saves the only information is 96 or 64 products electrons code. In order to reduce the cost, the EPC label usually is the passive form radio frequency label.

      The EPC label acts according to its function rank different at present to divide into 5 kinds, at present develops the EPC test use is Class1/GEN2


      Read-write is uses for to distinguish the EPC label the electronic installation, with information system connected realization data exchange. The read-write use many kinds of ways and the EPC label exchange information, the short distance reading the passive label most commonly used method is the inductive coupling way. So long as approaches, coiled around the read-write antenna with to coil around between the label antenna to form a magnetic field. The label uses this magnetic field transmission electromagnetic wave for read-write, returns the electromagnetic wave is transformed into the data message, also is the EPC code which in the label contains.

      The read-write basic task activates the label, and transmits the data with the label establishment correspondence between the application software and the label. EPC between read-write and the network does not need PC to take the transition, all read-write between data exchange may carry on directly through a coordinated network server.

      The read-write software has provided the network connection ability, including the web establishment, the dynamic renewal, the TCP/IP read-write contact surface, in constructs compatible SQL the database engine.

      The current EPC system still was at the test stage, the EPC read-write technology also during the development consummation.

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