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GPS satellite clock

  The GPS satellite clock uses the global positioning system (Global Positioning System) when the satellite transmission coordinated world (UTC) the time signal, provides the global unification synchronization for each kind of automated installment user the accurate clock supply oscillator, and may turn on the computer network to take directly level of time servers, cause wide range, trans-region's computer and the network system obtain the accurate standard synchronized time. This satellite clock uses the special-purpose GPS receiver to take the time standard, precisely calculates the leap year, the intercalary second. Has the precision to be high, the reliability high, the all-weather characteristic, but widely uses in profession and so on aviation, transportation, electric power, chemical industry, military, telecommunication, finance.

  GPS satellite clock principle of work: The GPS signal receive module receives many GPS satellite transmission the frequency is 1575.The 42Mhz UTC signal, outputs the NMEA0183 form or other standards information after processing. The micro processing unit (MCU) carries on following processing to the above information, after and converts information and so on Beijing standard time delivers the liquid crystal display, and defers to the certain form and the way outputs after the connection electric circuit. When the short time has the GPS not synchronization, the system automatically will carry on the precise clock to be punctual.

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