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Electronic seal

  Transport into the goods traffic main method in the container and the container truck under the inevitable trend, how safeguards the container and the container truck transportation security, how enhances the container and the container truck the fact which pasted the efficiency already to become urgently needs to implement. Needs regarding the starting point which government this first considers is national and the social security, regarding the customs, the harbor company, the boating company, the goods generation, the thing flows the company as well as the cargo owner except prevented suffers the organized destruction also to have to enhance the production efficiency and the guard cargo is the victim of a robbery. On the other hand, strengthens the attack infrigement intellectual property rights in our country diligently under, how does is with emphasis avoid in the thing flowing the massive counterfeit goods which in the link flows in but to harm the well-known brand. Therefore, uses in the container and the container truck electronic seal has the broad direct economic efficiency and the indirect social efficiency. The electronic seal is called the electronic gate to seal, the electron turns off the lock.

  In the container or in the cabinet carriage gate through the intelligent electron seal took the thing class, the information flow, the safe class Trinity natural carrier, take inserts the type real-time operating system and the multiple source fusion technology as a core, uses the container electron label technology, the multi- Disseminates technology (switch gate, temperature, humidity, vibration and light Disseminates and so on), the micro power loss technology, the safe correspondence and the data encryption technology carries on constructs. The real-time examination containerized traffic process condition, and the belt time information carries on the recording to save, the display unit either the base depot type or the handhold electron seal which brings through the electronic seal read-write completes the exchange of information in the transportation process, thus the realization flows in various links the container uniformity to be safe and the agile payment.

  The intelligent electron seal main principle is: The electronic seal after is controlled under the instruction to carry on hypothesized "cages", automatically has a free length by its control circuit, may not from exterior rewriting stochastic data, stores as the password to the electronic seal in, the initial sending user may the display unit which brings through the seal or read-write reading this password data. If midway some people invade the container or the container truck arbitrarily, this password data can the self-destruction, after this container or the container truck arrive the destination, the destination cargo receive the display unit which brings through the seal or read-write reading this data to carry on the verification, thus knows the container or the container truck whether by human illegal invasion.

  The Shanghai refine information science and technology limited company is the domestic leading specialty is engaged in the electronic label (RFID) the product and the junction service equipment research and development, the design, supplies goods with the technical service high tech enterprise, grasps on the international most advanced electronic label core technology, all products have the completely independent intellectual property rights. Shanghai refine I-Collected™ The technology is newest, the creative patent technology, fused in the radio frequency domain and the digital technology many kinds of leading science and technology, uses the unique software radio technology, the micro power loss technology, guards against patent combination and so on spatial visit technology which the collision technology, the reply agreement, the bureau territory activates .I-Collected™ The technology founded the high price compared to the electronic label series product and the solution, can fully satisfy the high speed development the thing to flow with the automatic diagnosis demand. The detailed content sees also Products & Solutions.

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