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Container electron label

  The container electron label is uses for to transport the container the automatic diagnosis, records the containerized traffic in related information to in the box body container electron label, causes the container to become the containerized traffic information the carrier, realizes to transports in the process the container implementation cargo condition and the transportation information effective monitoring and the real-time management, by enhances the domestic trade containerized traffic the management level, enhances the containerized traffic the efficiency, reduces the container the transportation cost.

  The container electron label installs in the container side, in order to avoid lifts in the process in the container to collide and damage. The container electron label read-write equipment installs in container situation and so on handling equipment, road junction. When satisfies the container truck by 5 kilometers/hour vehicle speeds through the container port area road junction, to container electron label read-write request. Satisfies the shore bridge machine, the shore side door place hoist crane, the location gantry crane, the container forklift, the container hangs and so on the loading and unloading equipment directly, in lifts the container in the work process, to container electron label read-write request. Grasps the read-write function to be able to carry on to the location container searches as well as sends out the read-write mistake the container electron label to carry on rewriting. And read-write will possess the container through the container electron label to flow the information real-time transmission to the container management system management system, thus will complete the container information the real-time exchange, will realize the container to flow with the information flow real-time unification.

  The Shanghai refine information science and technology limited company is the domestic leading specialty is engaged in the electronic label (RFID) the product and the junction service equipment research and development, the design, supplies goods with the technical service high tech enterprise, grasps on the international most advanced electronic label core technology, all products have the completely independent intellectual property rights. Shanghai refine I-Collected™ The technology is newest, the creative patent technology, fused in the radio frequency domain and the digital technology many kinds of leading science and technology, uses the unique software radio technology, the micro power loss technology, guards against patent combination and so on spatial visit technology which the collision technology, the reply agreement, the bureau territory activates .I-Collected™ The technology founded the high price compared to the electronic label series product and the solution, can fully satisfy the high speed development the thing to flow with the automatic diagnosis demand. The detailed content sees also Products & Solutions.

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