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Automatic tourguide system

  The automatic tourguide system can for the scenic spot, the museum, the subject park, the decorated corridor as well as each kind of display transmission audio frequency information. Uses the wireless transmission and the numerical control technology, the automatic tourguide system is a brand-new information system, may found on hundred kinds for the visitor ad hoc sound information, for example, the different language, supposes again in the different language differently listens to the level (for example child, adult, expert).

  Provides set of equipments through the automatic tourguide system for each visitor: 1 facile earphone and 1 belt-bag type receiver. According to audience's difference, may establish the different type by the administrative personnel as them (language, listens to level), or establishes by audience. When the audience approaches a display, the corresponding initialization "the story" (about this exhibit article introduction) automatically starts, including: Display information, music, sound document, sound effect or environment noise and so on. The automatic tourguide system also may apply in the real-time event (namely Real Time Audio Event, is called RTA), for example movie, immediate demonstration, when the audience saw the phantom can at the same time hear its sound (to be called as "video and music synchronization"). Such advantage is: The audience does not need to carry on the visit according to the fixed route, may the route which likes along with oneself watch. In addition, he may pause at any time in front of the different exhibit article, moreover may repeatedly listen to.

  When uses the automatic tourguide system, automatic tourguide system inductor is opens the sound information for the visitor. The inductor is lays aside nearby the item on exhibit, when the visitor enters the inductor scope, his receiver on for this exhibit article broadcast related information. The induction scope is may use on the palm the computer to come the individual adjustment exterior, and may connect the closed antenna to expand or to weaken its scope. The launch is by installs for visitor's audio frequency information in the next exhibit article inductor start. The automatic tourguide inductor produces to be able the firing data to give the receiver the induction area. When the visitor enters the induction zone time, the receive function receives the inductor the address (ID), the receiver then returns feeds gives the inductor about the preceding exhibit article information, and receives a current exhibit article information. These information may be manufacture "the story" in advance, also may be real-time event RTA.

  In the automatic tourguide system the most unique multilingual support causes the tourist and the visitor can exceptionally convenient and nimble the pleasure and the knowledge which enjoys the tour to bring, in overseas Chinese places such as Luo river prestige, Louvre museum, subject park already widely applied this kind of automatic tourguide system.

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