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  The automatic diagnosis and the data acquisition (AIDC) is an general technical method, it including but directly does not input through the keyboard the data to the computer system method. This includes the bar code scanning, the radio frequency recognition, the sound recognition and other technologies.

  The information network is a core which the modern age flows, when each item stores in a storehouse the thing to flow the equipment enters the automated stage by mechanized , how handling equipment and the system connection and the material object and the information corresponding software system has needed to solve question. This is uses AIDC (automatic diagnosis and data acquisition) the technical necessity. Flows in the work in the thing the main use automatic diagnosis and in data acquisition AIDC technology several parts, bar code printing, bar code recognition technology, wireless data transmission and wireless label (RFID) technology. Because bar code technology use cost low, at present the massive uses is the bar code, along with the RFID technology development, reduces the RFID cost unceasingly, uses the RFID technology the factory to be able to be more and more many.

  The automatic diagnosis and the data acquisition technology (AIDC) the main solution question is between the material object and the information match relations, causes the material object the transportation, to store in a storehouse the process, may the immediate reflection to the information network environment in, cause the complete process which the operator can the rapid understanding flow, in the way situation, enhances the thing to flow the process in particular the work efficiency and the cargo quantity accuracy. Now, RFID is the automatic diagnosis and the data acquisition AIDC domain most popular technology, RFID is English "RADIO FREQUENCY IDENTIFICATION" abbreviation. The radio frequency technology is the use radio wave carries on read-write to the recording media. The radio frequency recognition distance may amount to several dozens centimeters to several meters, also according to the read-write way, may input digit kilobyte information, at the same time, but also has the extremely high secrecy. Radio frequency recognition technology suitable domain: The material track, the carrier and a goods recognition and so on request the non- contact data acquisition and the exchange situation, the request frequently changes the data content the situation especially to be suitable. Like Hong Kong's vehicles automatic diagnosis system arnesses easily to pass, the main technology which uses is the radio frequency technology. At present Hong Kong already had 80,000 automobiles to install the electronic label approximately, was loaded with the electronic label the vehicles through when was loaded with the radio frequency scanner the special-purpose tunnel, the parking lot or the highway street intersection, does not need to stop pays expenses, enhanced the driving speed greatly, enhanced the efficiency. The radio frequency technology also obtained the widespread application in other goods recognitions and the automated management aspect.

  The Shanghai refine information science and technology limited company is the domestic leading specialty is engaged in the electronic label (RFID) the product and the junction service equipment research and development, the design, supplies goods with the technical service high tech enterprise, grasps on the international most advanced electronic label core technology, all products have the completely independent intellectual property rights. Shanghai refine I-Collected™ The technology is newest, the creative patent technology, fused in the radio frequency domain and the digital technology many kinds of leading science and technology, uses the unique software radio technology, the micro power loss technology, guards against patent combination and so on spatial visit technology which the collision technology, the reply agreement, the bureau territory activates .I-Collected™ The technology founded the high price compared to the electronic label series product and the solution, can fully satisfy the high speed development the thing to flow with the automatic diagnosis demand. The detailed content sees also Products & Solutions.

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