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The family school passes

  Our country's each place educational department's in abundance started the use school to pass the system recently to keep abreast of the situation which the elementary student went to school and is on vacation from school. The family school passes the system by the electronic school insignia (RFID electron label) technical and the motion short note platform constitution, can cause teacher and the guardian knew as necessary the child locates position. Our country big or media-sized cities average each household had the handset to surpass, the handset popular rate already extremely is high, the handset short note (SMS) served already becomes the user communities commonly used means of communication, in particular in Chinese youth population, but these population were the crowds exactly which the elementary and middle schools guardian was at. Therefore, chose take the electronic school insignia (RFID) and the mobile communication short note (SMS) as the main technical method family school passes is precisely the very good solution strengthened the student safety control, the satisfied guardian cared about and the school management, prevented injures the elementary student event and so on the demand, the family school passes this method now day by day to arouse people's interest.

  The electronic school insignia uses the RFID electron label technology, is the long-distance range radio frequency card another kind of shape, mainly uses for to elementary and middle school students' automatic tracking and the wireless automatic diagnosis. This radio frequency recognition technology already widely applied in does not stop the charge, the vehicles turnover management, the animal track, the container automatic diagnosis, the wireless data acquisition, the GPS satellite clock wireless inspects and so on in the domain. The family school passes the system by the electronic school insignia, the electronic label read-write (long-distance range reads card) as well as the management system management system constitution.

  The electronic school insignia (electronic label RFID) places in student's book bag, the school gate installment has the receiving antenna, may receive comes from the electronic school insignia information. The student goes to school when and is on vacation from school, the electronic school insignia system through the motion short note system automatically the student enters a school the information which and is on vacation from school by the short note way transmission for the guardian, therefore regardless of is the school student guardian is clear to student's whereabouts. Especially, makes up for a missed lesson in view of on supplementary class goes home the late child, will pass the system guardian with the aid of the family school to be possible in darkness later as necessary to understand child's situation, the exemption worried very much.

  "The family school passes" mainly faces the elementary and middle schools (including vocational school), at the same time may give dual attention to the kindergarten the application. System itself does not involve the campus the management, the teaching work, but is provides the service platform for the campus and the family to student's safety and the management. At present, the family school passes as well as obtains the government department, the school, the teacher and the general guardians in each place approves, positively is advancing.

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