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Military logistics visibility system

  The RFID technology is a technology at first which uses by the American Department of Defense, subverted Saddam in America and Britain the regime Iraqi war period US Savi Corporation to use this technology to save several 1 billion US dollars in the logistics support for the United States military. After the Gulf War, the various countries' army rear service system all positively is studying uses the RFID technology to serve for the national defense.

  In the army logistics support the most common pattern is the ordnance machine shop and the army (wartime is front) between the commodity ships the question. The peace period these commodities transporting velocities possibly request not to be high, but in the wartime, whether the military supplies was accurate, promptly transports to the front is a very important question, in certain extreme situations even might affect the war.

  Took the United States military in 1990 the Gulf War period rear service management is the example, at that time because has not used the RFID technology, the front did not know under oneself in order form commodity whether already did deliver goods, because the war was urgent, therefore appeared the repetition application frequently the situation. On the other hand, the rear ordnance machine shop did not know before sends out whether the commodity already did deliver the front, after received the repetition the order form redundant delivering goods. This part exceeded the quota the application to create the huge waste to the military expenses expenditure, according to the postwar statistics, the light was repairs the components to exceed the quota the application partially to reach as high as 2.7 billion US dollars.

  Using the RFID technology, the union modern computer communications network, may the accurate tracing military supplies goods position and the whereabouts. On each military supplies or in each batch of military supplies vessel all may paste on a RFID tag, causes these goods is can only recognize. Ships in the process in the commodity, when the transport team (freighter or freight vehicle, train trailer) passes through every time some RFID recognition base depot, on these goods RFID tag on the read-write equipment which occupies reading, its information is passed to through the wireless network uses for specially on the network server which manages the military supplies to flow, is recorded to the database in. Thus, any has the corresponding jurisdiction the human, in any time, in front of any military terminal all may look up to it feels the way which the interest the commodity position, the whereabouts as well as passes through. Such front and rear area had all understood the military supplies ship the situation, definitely may avoid the possibility which duplicates applies.

  RFID recognition base depot establishment, also has very many methods. Regarding the marine transportation, may in along the route various harbors establishment recognition base depot, when the freighter enters port or pause time may reading on the ship all commodities information. But regarding the road traffic (automobile, train and so on), may in march forward on the road which must pass through to set up the movement identification base depot, the implementation reading and the transmission passed by the military supplies team in some goods information, also may in the cargo collection and distribution center establishment recognition base depot, tracing at the same time complete cargo inventorying.

  Causes the military supplies transporting velocity slow other reason is the cargo collection and distribution place inventorying work too is tedious. The wartime near front military supplies collection and distribution storage yard (or wharf and so on) often piles up the massive commodities, if carries on artificial inventorying and the distribution, work load extremely huge, needs the time can be very long inevitably. This slowed the military supplies to arrive the front obviously the speed.

  Regarding has the RFID tag has marked the commodity, this process changes extremely simply. Inventories the personnel only to need read-write to carry the handhold RFID tag to take a walk in the storage yard interior, all RFID tag has read then, these reading to the information transmits through the private network after the thing flows the management the server to carry on the recognition and the checkup, feeds back the correlation the useful information. If uses the high efficiency the active RFID tag and may cover the entire storage yard the high efficiency stationary type read-write to carry on the work, artificial takes a walk all does not need to carry on may complete the above task.

  Here also has a United States military the example, in a duty, an American national defense rear service bureau's military officer read-write used handhold RFID to take a walk 20 minutes in the wharf, has accepted after checking 179 cabinets and has collected the related information. But this work formerly needed to use a platoon the military strength to spend two days time to be able to complete. Had the RFID technology help, the United States military overthrew the Saddam regime Iraqi war period has been being short 30% army as well as the use compared to the operation desert storm motion is short in 90% quantity cabinet.


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