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Asset tracking and working in progress system

  To successfully combat this ever-growing problem, Refine developed the i-Collected? asset management system. This system leverages the unique capabilities of Refine' enhanced RFID technology to provide real-time, hands-free event monitoring while permitting employees and their assets to move freely throughout the enterprise. The system provides total solutions for asset containment, mobile asset management, and asset location and tracking.

Unique Feature of i-Collected RFID system:

  • Flexible Control Point Monitoring – detect assets and personnel at strategic locations or within specific zones
  • Network Architecture – leverage existing corporate networks to collect data directly over the LAN/WAN/Internet
  • Multiple Tag Reads – multiple assets and personnel tags can be read simultaneously, even in high traffic areas
  • Freedom of Movement – automatic, hands-free identification enables dynamic facility-wide monitoring
  • Functional Linkage - associate tagged assets with authorized personnel to facilitate authorized movement

    Benefits of the i-Collected RFID system:

  • Convenience – eliminates the need for invasive guard searches or cumbersome check in/out procedures
  • Reduced Asset Loss – detect and deter internal theft of high-value assets and equipment
  • Enhanced Business Operations – collect and manage information anywhere using the enterprise network, saving both time and money
  • Proactive Response – zone control within the facility gives security personnel the time to react before it's too late
  • Flexibility – coverage zones can be configured for control points or zones, providing both perimeter protection and wide area monitoring

      The Refine i-Collected asset management system provides an effective way to reduce theft from both internal and external threats via perimeter-based asset containment. By creating "control point" detection zones at strategic entrance and exit points throughout a facility, tagged items are unable to leave the premises without triggering an immediate alert/alarm notification. Not only does the system provide perimeter protection for the entire facility, but it can also be used within the facility to detect when assets leave certain rooms or specific areas, or enter or leave zones that are designated as off limits, highly classified or secure.

      Locating or tracking assets that can be either static or in motion, such as wheelchairs or IV pumps in a healthcare facility, servers in a data center or laptops in a corporation, is no easy task until now. To know where these assets are at all times, the i-Collected system provides a comprehensive resource for locating and tracking assets, whether on the move or sitting still. The system allows users to instantly determine the general location of a tagged asset anywhere within the facility. Installation of "control point" detection zones at strategic locations throughout the facility allows the user to define logical zones and monitor high traffic areas. Tagged assets moving through these control points provide instant location data. In addition, the system can verify that any asset "functionally linked" is accompanied by its assigned owner or user as it moves through the detection zone, and provide instant notification if the movement is unauthorized. When assets are between control points or inside of zones, beacon signals received from tags on a periodic basis help locate an asset or person within a designated zone or area.

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