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i-InspectControl™ equipment inspection system

  i-InspectControl system for enterprise's inspecting with the overhaul system take the factory level information system platform as the shoring of foundation platform, divides into the intelligence to inspect with based on the standardized ABC documents overhaul system two major parts. Former mainly applies in the power supply enterprise transmission line and the transformer substation inspects the management, the intelligent terminal equipment uses copies the table machine; Latter mainly uses in the equipment overhaul system which carries on based on the standardized ABC documents, the intelligent equipment uses PDA generally, also may for the plate computer (Talblet PC) or the ordinary notebook computer.

  The i-InspectControl enterprise intelligence inspects with the overhaul system main technical characteristic as follows:

  Electronic tag (RFID) application:The electronic tag took the present most advanced identification code, had has not been easy to damage, the data reliably, the use cycle is long, the effective communication is away from and so on the characteristic long, was substitutes the bar code, the infrared marking best choice. Installs it after the line pole tower, the transformer substation, may carry on as equipment only marking inspects.

  Standard ABC documents transformation:Documents carry on the territory form Word the documents form standardized ABC the definition, then its transformation is the XML form. XML is the W3C recommendation international standard, in Windows, Windows CE and Pocket PC and so on the many kinds of operating system has all provided the XML support, thus obtains in on PC machine and PDA data sharing.

  Consummation flaw often terminology management:The intelligence inspects the system take the flaw often the terminology as the simplification work method, the flaw often the terminology maintains in the backstage information system platform, can act according to the actual demand, often the terminology carries on to the flaw increases the deletion the operation, and carries on the renewal to the intelligent equipment. At the same time, the user also may carry on to the equipment flaw from the definition description.

  The terminal device and the production management system already may carry on the wired data transmission through the data line, also may and so on the wireless connection way carry on the data transmission through GPRS.

  Nimble flaw processing flow:Through wired or wireless transmission data, may start the corresponding flaw processing flow immediately, automatically completes the majority of contents filling in.

  Complete inquiry, inspection mechanism:May make concrete to each work, each pole tower, each transformer substation patrol the overhaul situation, assists by works arranges in groups the information, may work to the staff carries on the detailed inspection

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