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i-GuideControl™ automatic guide system

  i-GuideControl is a unique personal automatic audio touring system that makes every visitor feel as if your venue was built exclusively for them. With information that you control and trigger wirelessly from identifier unit attached to exhibit. People can customize tours, presentations, live events in virtually any environment, indoors and out. All to give your visitors what they value most.

  The i-GuideControl system is designed to not only be simple for visitors to use, but also easy for exhibitors to operate. Refine advanced ACTIVE RFID technologies behind the i-GuideControl system allow you to quickly and easily setup your facility by simply placing guide tag near selected exhibits. These identifiers, whose parameters are configured and mapped well in advance, can trigger i-Guide receiver to play audio streams associated with that exhibit.

  Based on Refine i-CollectedTM innovative RFID platform, Refine i-GuideControl system provides exhibitions marketing a comprehensive and cost-efficient solution which can benefit a wide variety of businesses in their quest for productivity and effectiveness.

System components:

  • RFID tag
  • Portable MP3 reader
  • Content management software

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