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i-SealControl™ smart container logistics security system

  Based on Refine i-CollectedTM innovative RFID platform, Refine's advanced electronic seals ensure that ever-increasing cargo loads also have far greater protection. These seals, combining active RFID technologies and mechanical parts with sophisticated sensors, deliver a highly cost-effective solution for the cargo industry. They can be used in both a one-time (open loop) and re-usable (closed loop) application.

  Refine i-SealControl system ensures that cargoes can be monitored in real time, both in transit and storage, from dispatch to final delivery. The RT-300 is a reusable electronic seal that makes every cargo load responsive throughout its journey. At close range, it sends and receives data to readers via low frequency transmissions. At long range, it uses high frequency to verify whether seals have remained uncompromised. All data is collected automatically. The compact size of RT-300 electronic seal belies its powerful features. It includes a transmitter and receiver unit, real-time clock, processor, memory and sensing circuitry for sealing verification. The special door detecting scheme will alert the security system and record any attempt at opening, bypassing, shielding or tampering with the seal. Fitted to any cargo container or facility at modest cost, Refine electronic seal and reader have an enormous security advantage over the conventional mechanical seal that it replaces. Because the Refine all series RFID reader can interrogate the RT-300 at long range, containers are continuously 'connected' to the security network. This tracking and sealing verification process is undertaken at every potential data collection point: at exit/entry gates, transit stations, storage areas and more. Automatic data collection from RT-300 electronic seal 'on the move' ensures maximum security even at times of high-density cargo traffic.

  System components:

  • Container electronic seal
  • Fixed reader
  • Handheld reader
  • i-SealControl smart container security logistics platform

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