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i-RoadControl™ vehicle on-road inspection system

  With digital compute technologies and embedded intelligent system development, through the deeply analysis of national vehicle management system and related policies, we propose to build urban vehicle on-road intelligent inspection system based on advanced RFID technologies. This system takes advantage of Refine innovative active RFID technology, use active RFID tag instead of traditional vehicle driving certificate; policemen effectively execute AIDC and inspection for those transportation tools on road with advanced handheld PDA RFID reader; front-end device can communicate with backend system via public mobile network or urban area network such as GPRS/CDMA/SDH/X.25/DDN/PSTN. i-RoadControl system adopts client/server architecture, front-end devices automatically identify and inspect driving vehicles, depend on newest computer network, communication, database, and radio frequency identification technologies, finally implement a end-to-end dynamic monitor and inspect system for all of urban vehicles. It will extremely promote the control of urban vehicle and transportation for government administrations.

  Reform the traditional vehicle manage mode with advanced digital RFID technologies, create extremely effective, flexibility, extendibility and safety vehicle monitor and management system.

  System Architecture:

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  Operation Mode:

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  System components:

  • handheld PDA RFID reader
  • vehicle RFID tag
  • Police communication network
  • i-RoadControl real-time management platform

      - i-ParkControl™ intelligent parking system
      - i-SealControl™ smart container logistics security system
      - i-GuideControl™ automatic guide system
      - i-LocationControl™ real-time location system
      - i-InspectControl™ equipment inspection system
      - Communication bridge system between campus and home
      - Asset tracking and working in progress system
      - Military logistics visibility system
      - Food security logistics system
      - Animal tracking and tracing system

       i-RoadControl™ vehicle on-road inspection system document