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Animal tracking and tracing system

  The animal track domain most is typical is the city pet dog tracing management. Progresses, the economical development along with the society and the people living standard enhancement, the dog the function which looks after the house protects the courtyard in the city is vanishing gradually, but more becomes. Whiles away the time the entertainment for the people, the pursue quality of life one kind of sign, down to had from "animal" to "pet" evolving, specially these small and exquisite, darling puppy, lets many city slickers favor like sub-. But, hotly raises the dog along with the city to continue the elevation of temperature, also floated some new social questions, the "dog has barked the full corridor, an excrement plot, did not have the card randomly to breed, but guarded against the pass "becomes the city dog pollution" four big subjects '.

  It is reported, the closure our country had 24 cities makings to appear the standard at present to raise the dog behavior the place laws and regulations, the overwhelming majority all by limits raises, the strict tube primarily. Except that the strict limit raises the dog region, the type, the quantity and outside the strict tube animal immunity, but also requests to raise the dog person to have to pay the certain amount the registration fee and the annual inspection expense. Each place raises the dog expense stipulation not for consistently, but registration fee few then several thousand Yuan, are many then the up to ten thousand Yuan, in addition, also must pay the amount many annual inspections expense every year. Pays fee is not the goal, nothing but is must raise raises the dog the threshold, strictly controls the city to raise the dog quantity, the convenient government manages, reduces "the dog trouble". May mostly the city actual situation prove in fact that, this management way to reduces "the dog trouble" to be of no help, "on the sign dog" the quantity few astonishment, "the illegal resident dog" is the case everywhere actually. Some cities therefore concentrate capture and kill do not have the card dog's method to initiate the common people intense disaffection, is contradictory layer on layer.

  How manages the good city to raise dog's question, had the related administrative rules and regulations, how but carried out and practically manages well the city pet dog still to lack the effective technical method. At present exists the question is: Very many cities used the roof frame to manage, but the traditional roof frame only was a serial number, the city administrative personnel inspects troubles extremely and is not convenient, efficiency low, work load big, moreover the roof frame was easy to wear creates the serial number fuzzily to be unable to inspect.

  Now, will solving the dog question based on the newest RFID technology for the city to provide the true effective technical method. Constructed the pet dog by the RFID tag technology "the electronic roof frame", "the electronic roof frame" center has used the newest wireless radio frequency technology, pet dog's each kind of information like master name, address, dog's name, dog's type, dog's picture, dog's immunity situation, dog's information storage and so on annual inspection in "electronic roof frame" center, but the city administrative personnel through the computer grasped read-write based on the PDA palm on may wear "the electronic roof frame" in the long-distance range relaxed inspection dog, carried on the highly effective management to the dog. At the same time solved the roof frame to pretend, question spuriously and so on replace.

Uses the RFID tag technology to realize "the electronic roof frame" to have to consider the following question:

  • The RFID tag technology is the radio frequency technology, must consider to the low emissivity and to the dog body security influence, therefore "the electronic roof frame" and the read-write equipment must be an environmental protection;
  • Must be able to complete in 20 meters scopes the long-distance range automatic diagnosis, otherwise can create the management inconveniently, the work load is big, the effect inferior many questions;
  • "The electronic roof frame" must have the function which the long-distance range may read, may write, and has the certain capacity the memory property and the low power loss characteristic;
  • Must have portable which the administrative personnel uses "the electronic roof frame" the read-write equipment.

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