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Food security logistics system

  Combining Refine i-CollectedTM innovative RFID platform and products can develop new RFID applications for the food production industry. The reasoning behind this application is that food producers have become increasingly preoccupied with the task of ensuring the safety and integrity of the food chain. On the other hand, supply chain participants are constantly seeking ways to improve quality, limit spoilage and increase yield. With Refine RFID products capacity to monitor temperature, shock, humidity and chemical reactions dovetails, will offer food logistics traceability and temperature monitoring solutions.

  The added value each technology will bring to customers in materials handling, food and beverage systems will significantly improve the efficiency, reliability and effectiveness of new and existing food safety and traceability systems.

  Refine is specializing in delivering RFID-based business efficiency solutions that include asset tracking, temperature monitoring and quality control methodologies for the food industry. Refine designs, develops and produces patented real-time wireless technology, proprietary sensors and integrates handheld computers and data management software to produce and display information that monitors production and transportation logistics of the food chain. Its applications are designed to enable clients to monitor their supply chain processes in order to detect harmful aspects in processing and handling or to receive verification that all systems are running satisfactorily.

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   Food security logistics system document