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i-Reader SDK

Product Introduction

  Enterprises deploy RFID system to retrieve all kinds of data for business procedure use. First of all, customers always face how to connect front-end data with back-end system without any intervals. Secondly, the question is how to guarantee all collected data being transferred to meaningful business information, and how to guarantee the data security and more. The basic problem of those questions is the interface between enterprise application and AIDC hardware system. Therefore, transparent is the key of whole application, also include to retrieve data correctly, guarantee data reliability, and effective transfer data to backend system. Based on Refine i-Collected™ innovative RFID platform, i-Reader SDK can rapidly help customer implement legacy system connecting with Refine RFID hardware seamlessly.

  i-Reader SDK adopts message-oriented wok scheme, which means information is transferred via message type, from one program procedure to another or more. The transfer mode could be asynchronous; no response will be needed from sender. The i-Reader SDK not only includes third-party development APIs and passing flow, but also data mapping, information security, data broadcast, error recovery, resource finding, optimal path, service priority, extended debug tools and more.

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  • Offer no interval interfaces for customer application system.
  • Support data filter and transfer functions.
  • Can be used to manage, monitor and configure RFID readers or tags.
  • Concurrently support RFID data requirements from multiple host platforms or applications.
  • Offer multiple call interface types, such as OCX, DLL, DCOM and etc.
  • Support multiple operation systems like Windows, Linux, WinCE and Palm.
  • Support multiple development environments such as .NET, JAVA, VC, VB, DELPH and more.

    i-Reader SDK compatible hardware

  • Reader RR-50x series fixed reader.
  • Reader RR-80x series handheld reader.
  • Reader RR-60x series wireless reader.
  • Guide portable reader.
  • Tag RT-2xx series RFID tag.
  • Tag RT-3xx series RFID tag.


      - Fixed reader
      - Handhold PDA reader
      - Portable reader

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